Launch Marketing: 3 tactics to breaking markets & achieving ROI

James Tuckerman
Thursday, February 16, 2017
1:00-2:00pm AEDT

Over the years, James Tuckerman, Founder of Anthill Magazine and the Not-So-Freaky University, has come to recognise 3 simple strategies that separate uber-successful organisations from the walking dead.

Unlock best practices used by professional marketers and serial entrepreneurs to enter new markets, re-launch services and get big outcomes on small budgets.

Attend this webinar if you’re:
  • an established organisation seeking to grow
  • an SMB that is keen to prove itself
  • a marketing professional feeling left behind
  • and more!
About the Speaker

James Tuckerman

James Tuckerman is one of Australia's most accomplished digital publishers. He's an entrepreneur, angel investor and reluctant growth hacker for hire. He is widely known for launching Anthill Magazine at just 26 years old from the spare bedroom of his parents' home. Since then, he has helped hundreds of thousands of small business owners globally to tackle the freaky bits of business and unfreakify them, through his Not-So-Freaky University.

P.S. This live online session is limited to only 300 people. So if this sounds like your cup of tea, don't dilly dally!

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